Monday, July 8, 2013

Travel Planning

I don't know if I have mentioned it or not, but I am going to California this week...on a train!!!!!

The train leaves just after midnight tomorrow so technically, Wednesday. I travel all night, day and night and arrive at 8:15am on Thursday. From there I pick up a rental car and then go to spend the day with my cousin. Then I go up to my BFF's house. She works Friday so I am either going to go to the beach or do some sightseeing and hiking during the day. Saturday is my family reunion and boy bands concert. No plans yet for Sunday, but that is the only full day I will have to spend with my BFF. I leave Monday evening at 6pm so I will do more sightseeing that day or go to the beach.

There are a couple of vegan restaurants I want to check out while I am in town and I need to visit my parents' grave. I purposely have made as little concrete plans as possible to make it less stressful. I actually did have some other plans for Sunday, but they fell through :( But it just means more time with just my bestie! and maybe her sister. I love hanging out with them both!

So, what have I been doing to prepare?? Actually, not much. I have a list. I am not going to pack until tomorrow afternoon. My clothes, toiletries and some of my carry on, but most of that I will do in the evening. We have to drive to Topeka and will not be leaving until after 9. I had a spa pedicure today (my reward for running the 5k) and will be getting my nails done tomorrow evening (my girl offered to come in on her day off after her other job to do my nails. How awesome is that??). I went to the gym today and did 1 mile on the treadmill with hills. My legs were hurting and I did not want to overdue it because I plan to run 2.8 miles tomorrow around the neighborhood, early in the morning before it gets hot. It's supposed to be over 100!! California has been like this, but while I am there it is supposed to be in the 70s and 80s. Score!!! I will not be able to exercise on the train.

Today I went to Walmart and bought several gossip magazines and Soap Opera Digest to read. I like reading those magazines when I travel :) I am also bringing 2 books on the train, a backup in my suitcase and my Nook! It is also supposed to have WiFi so I will have my computer. I also have a notebook for writing and some journal projects I am working on this month. I have never been forced to just sit for 33 hours so I want to make sure I have plenty to do!

I also preordered vegan meals on the train. Lunch and Dinner. I am bringing a cooler with some water, juice and fruit and maybe some carrots.

I just bought a reserved seat on the train, but am going to see if I can upgrade at a discount to a sleeper if any are available (it is too expensive to buy flat out). If not, know worries. The seats recline. I am staying up late tonight and getting up with TJ tomorrow so I am tired when I get on the train. I also have Xanax to help me sleep if need be.

I will try to blog from the train. Hoping to take lots of pictures! Just another thing contributing to my epic summer :)

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