Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cars Don't Like To Go Swimming

I learned that little life lesson last Thursday along with hills can flood and turn around don't drown only works when you can actually see there is standing water.

Here's what happened....

On Thursday I set out to go for a run on the Riverwalk, but there were scary looking clouds and lightning so I decided to go to the gym instead. While at the gym it started raining, HARD, and didn't stop. I had no problem driving in it because we would get rain like that in Florida and I was used to it. I drove slow on the Interstate and on the highway. I was very careful.

The road that leads to ours is a hill. From the south end it is all uphill. I know this because I have walked it. So, I was a little confused as to why at a couple of spots I was kicking up water. I got a little nervous, but was almost home so I thought I would be okay. After all, I was on a hill!!!!

I was almost to my street when I drove right into about 2-3 feet of water and my car did not like that and stopped. I could not tell that the road was flooded at all. I thought it was still on the hill. Turns out, there is a slight dip at that point with a storm drain on each side and the storm drains had overflowed!!!!

After the car stopped I opened the door to the flood water. I was sacred to death. I grabbed my wallet and got out and waded through the water to the sidewalk. The rain was coming down so hard that it actually hurt. I called my husband on the cell phone and hysterically told him that I needed his help because the car was stuck in the water. He drove down in the Buick and after I got in he went to look at the car. Our neighbor was out in his SUV and saw him and was able to use a rope or something to pull the car out and then home. The car would not start. We left it in the driveway overnight. In the morning it started, but would not run. The floor was soaked. I got it to run for awhile, but was afraid to drive it so I got a ride to work. In the afternoon it would start, but not run. I had it towed to Jim Clark. Yesterday they told me to call my insurance company. I filed a claim and the adjuster was out there this morning (I have Progressive, BTW). He said they would try flushing it and also take out the carpet to shampoo it and treat it for mold. This afternoon I went to get some stuff out of her and she was already in the shop up on the lift!! The service rep (who happens to be a former coworker of mine) said that the mechanic is pretty confident that she can be saved. The adjuster said that it was a good thing I did not try driving her because that might have blown a piston.

But back to the night I took it swimming. I swear, I have never been so scared. I was afraid the car would go under the water, especially when I was still in it!! I was hysterical when TJ came and could not stop crying for about an hour. Also, when I was standing on the sidewalk waiting several cars saw mine stuck and turned around, but no one stopped to see if I was okay :( At least I saved them from getting stuck.

However, at the other end of our road there is a big dip and that water was about 5 feet deep. A truck got stuck in that and the neighbor and TJ pulled them out. If I had driven into that it would have gone over my car and I would have had to climb out the sunroof. If it ever rains like that again I will pull over until it stops!!! After it was all done we had gotten 4.5 inches in 1 hour!!!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Never having been in a situation like that, I can only imagine how frightened you were. I think I'd have been hysterical too. I'm so glad you're safe!

I am surprised, though, that no one asked if you were okay. Or maybe I shouldn't be surprised, but usually things like this bring out the good and the helpful in people. :-/

iowajewel said...

how scary! i would of been too! so glad you are ok!

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

Mommy always worries about driving in the rain cause our road floods. She gets in the middle of the road where there is less water unless a car is coming from the other direction.

E. Smith said...

Yikes! I'm glad you're ok!

FootPrints said...

SO SCARY!! so glad you're safe!