Saturday, August 10, 2013

Currently 8-10-13 and A Summary Of My Day

Watching: Perseid Meteor shower, hopefully. An old John Denver performance in Japan from 1981 on PBS

Reading: Scriptures. Let Me Tell You Something by Caroline Manzo.

Listening: John Denver. I will be putting his greatest hits CD on in the car starting tomorrow :)

Making: A summer/fall wreath which can be changed up for Halloween and Thanksgiving!!

Feeling: tired, peaceful, a bit sad

Planning: To be creative tomorrow

Loving: this John Denver special (minus the PBS pledge breaks! lol)

Today was a pretty good day. I slept in a bit. TJ had drill so I went out to Manhattan to go to the library and the Farmer's Market. then I drove out the Tuttle Creek to check out the 5k course I will be running in 2 weeks. It is in the state park and beautiful!! Right by part of the lake so we are going to make a day out of it. It is the same area where Country Stampede is held. I also discovered that there are 2 entrances to that area, one being a lot quicker than what we usually take going over the dam and then down a long road lol. The permit I bought at Milford State Park is also good for ALL Kansas State Parks!!

After checking that out I went the rest of the way across the dam and to another area and hiked the Cedar Ridge Trail. Then I went back to the state park (this is where I discovered the other entrance!), around the spillway, then back out and hiked the Blue River Trail (I will have a post with pictures from both). After that I ran some more errands and had lunch.

After I came home I went to church for a baptism and then my home teacher and his wife came over to help my husband give me a healing blessing for my anxiety. Then TJ and I went to Walmart and out to dinner.

Right now I am watching an old John Denver special on PBS. I love John Denver. His music always makes me think of Colorado and the mountains since that is all I listened to while I was there last summer. I love that PBS is showing the special, BUT whenever they have awesome programming like that it is because it is pledge week and they take so many breaks to ask for money. Ugh!! For a donation you can buy the DVD of the concert uninterrupted. $75.

I am hoping to catch some of the Perseid meteor shower tonight and tomorrow night. If it is not cloudy. It is pretty dark where we live so the view from the backyard should be good.

And finally, TJ learned today that he may be deploying early next year. This news was not totally unexpected so I was calm when he told me. My mind immediately went into what I call "coping mode". I set in my mind that this will happen and I thought about what I would do if he goes (vacation with Bonnie came to mind lol). I thought about putting my name on the list at church that says my husband would be deploying. On the drive home from dinner we talked about his getting me a power of attorney and what specifically it needs to cover (I guess they do not do general ones anymore). At dinner we discussed him going to visit his family and the 2 of us going away for few days to a week before he goes. With a deployment and subsequent re-enlistment there will be some financial blessings, as well. So I try to see it in as positive a light as possible. Or else I will get depressed.

How was your Saturday?

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FootPrints said...

sorry about the possibility of deploying. i thought they stopped deploying or wasnt that the promise...