Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hump Day Thoughts

I went back to work yesterday and today was our first day with kids. It was only a half day. Tomorrow will be the first full day. This year I am in first grade!!!! It is a change as I have spent the majority of my time in the upper grades the past couple years. But I am very excited about this challenge and the teacher I am working with. I am also excited about some of the inservice opportunities our supervisors are planning for this year. It is awesome that they are even providing us with this as normally we have to figure out what to do on our own. But they really care about us and want us to be successful and make things easier on us. I just love them!

I ran yesterday and overdid it. Which prompted me to make a new exercise schedule that should work better...

Monday -- short hike or run (1 mile or less)
Tuesday -- long run (2 miles or more)
Wednesday -- rest or a walk
Thursday -- long run (2 miles or more)
Friday -- swimming
Saturday -- long hike (2 miles or more) when possible

Gym or tae bo during inclement weather

They showed the zugzwang episode of Criminal Minds tonight. I did not know it was going to be that one and I was not mentally or emotionally prepared. So it got to me like always. So sad.

Anyone watching Big Brother this season???? It is pretty good, but highly frustrating.

I made a fallish wreath this evening. I am not a fall person, but I found some fun stuff to put on it. the base is orange so I can use it for Halloween and Thanksgiving as well. Not sure what I will do for Halloween, but I know what I am going to do for Thanksgiving. The fall one is more of a late summer theme :) I will have pictures soon.

I will be resuming my trip recap soon. And Scout was supposed to blog on Monday, but totally got distracted by cat things like sleeping all day. he will blog next Monday, hopefully. He is having some issues with me going back to work, I think. He was driving me crazy earlier with whining. He wants to go out, but comes in like 2 minutes after then cries incessantly to go back out. And a little while ago he was running around like a crazy, up on the ledges in the kitchen and living room, darting in and out of rooms. I think he may have been bug chasing, though. I think he is in his Mickey Mouse kitty bed now (which he has only recently started using again).

That is all that is going on for now. What is new in your world?

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FootPrints said...

Happy 1st Day of School!! i love 1st grade - they're still excited about school and learning!