Friday, August 9, 2013

Now What???

So, now that my summer vacation is over and the Summer cleaning is done (almost) what am I going to do now??? I have very limited time and motivation will be low so what can I do?

Well, I'll tell you!!!

The first order of business is getting the boxes in the garage unpacked!!! My plan is to do at least one a day or at least 3 a week lol. Once that is done I will take a weekend (or day off) to get the garage reorganized.

I need to take one Saturday to do some work outside -- wash windows, clear dead plants, etc.

As for house upkeep -- I have a cleaning schedule I am going to try to follow. If any room gets out of control I can work on it on free weekends or a day off.

Eventually I would like to paint the craftroom, but I think that is going to wait until next summer. I am not ready to paint again anytime soon lol.

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Fuzzy Tales said...

I remember younger days when I had more energy and ambition. I need a bit of yours now. :-)