Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Old Town Pasadena

After my trip to the beach and beautiful drive back to Bonnie's I took a much needed shower and then we went to Pasadena for dinner at Real Food Daily which you can read about HERE. After dinner we went to Old Town Pasadena. I went there for the first tine last year and loved it. There are a bunch of cute shops and restaurants. Most of the stores were closing when we got there but we were able to go to Lather, which is a favorite, and buy soap. We also saw some people camped outside a shoe store and asked them why and they said the Jordan's were coming out at midnight! They really wanted those shoes lol. We found a really good gelato place that had some non dairy offerings and marveled at the long line outside a frozen yogurt place that makes theirs in the stile of Marble Slab and Cold Stone. There were a bunch of vintage VW Bugs that cruised by. We also found a place where they show outdoor movies (we missed it) and we made some new friends. Here are some pictures of the evening.

Bonnie's new boyfriend and my new pet

We like Old Town Pasadena so much that we ended up going back on Sunday!! This time we met Bonnie's sister, Juddy, for lunch at A'float Sushi which is a sushi restaurant where different kinds of sushi come around on boats!

Then we walked around for awhile. For dessert, Bonnie and Juddy went to Baskin Robbins and I went to Jamba Juice. You can read about that experience HERE. Before we left I got a picture of the freeway signs.

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