Sunday, August 4, 2013

Santa Monica Beach and Pier

I wanted to go to the beach on my trip and decided on Santa Monica so I could go to the pier as well. Parkign was expensive and kind of difficult, but so worth it to experience this...

And some selfies and the sun

Then some sand got in my camera and it stopped working so the rest of my pictures will be from my phone.

The Pacific Ocean is really rough and scary so I never swim in it like I do in the gulf. However, I was brave and went pretty far out and then I tried something I had never done before, even in the gulf, and I body surfed!! It was so much fun. Until I swallowed salt water, lol

After about 2 hours on the beach I went to the pier and beyond and got these shots before my phone died.

Cool apartment and shot of the pier

Then I went on the pier and bought some souvenirs and a drink. I also saw some storm troopers and obi wan (actually I had seen them in the parking lot earlier lol). They were doing some kind of Star Wars promotion.

To go back to Bonnie's I drove through Santa Monica and PCH which took forever, but was able to take the less congested and awesome Topanga Canyon Drive through the hills to Calabasas and then on to Woodland Hills. Totally awesome. On my next visit I would like to explore the town of Topanga Canyon, which is nestled in the hills.

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