Thursday, August 8, 2013


I will get back to recapping my trip and showing you my house and some other stuff happening in these last days of summer vacation, but for today I have this...

LOVING: My lighter subtler nails and toes. I had them done today in Hawaiian Orchid. It is so light!

DRINKING: Fresh made juice from my juicer

WEARING: shorts and t-shirts. Today I have on my mint shorts and a white top.

LOOKING FORWARD: to shopping with friends tomorrow

WANTING: summer vacation to be longer, but with pay!

LISTENING: mostly the radio, but also rain.

HOPING: for a good school year

WRITING: blog posts

FEELING: tired, melancholy, wistful.

STRUGGLING: with anxiety and adjusting medication. I was trying to wean off, but am not eating healthy enough to go without yet and went too low so I am trying to get back on track.

THINKING: about where I will be this school year, money

ENJOYING: the last days of summer vacation

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