Tuesday, September 24, 2013

6 Weeks

I am 6 weeks pregnant this week. The hormones have kicked in as well as "morning sickness", though it lasts all day. Nausea and lightheadedness. I bought some Sea Bands yesterday to hopefully help and make some ginger tea in the morning to have all day. I also have a meal schedule -- when I get up, mid morning, lunch, after work, dinner and late dinner. I snack in between on Saltines and gingersnaps. Cutting down to one gingerale a day or less. Other pregnancy symptoms include itchy achy tender breasts, itchy achy arms, itchy stomach, itchy hands and feet,bloating and exhaustion.

I am also starting to feel the effects of anxiety medication withdrawal. I have had a couple mornings waking up with my heart racing. Have had trouble falling asleep a couple times and needlessly worrying over stuff. Also feeling a little depressed and in a bit of a haze. Of course, those could all be pregnancy symptoms!

I am really anxious to get my first exam, but it won't be for a couple weeks.

I have joined a couple of online groups and message boards on Baby Center which has been helpful. I have also asked a couple friends who have been pregnant about stuff. I get a lot of support at work as well.

This past weekend I was even motivated to do laundry and clean up part of the kitchen!!

Goals for this week are to clean out the refrigerator and start exercising again. My plan is to walk about a mile 3 times a week (eventually) and then around the block another 3. I also have some other exercises in a pregnancy book I plan to do every day, adding one each week. I have 4 right now.

I also decided which room in the house I am going to make the nursery (spare room) and how I will configure the craft/guestroom lol.

So, that is it for this week!! Going to try to update every week what is going on.

I took this picture on Sunday. I am not showing, just fat lol. I have lost a pound, though.

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betty said...

You'll be amazed how fast the time will go and pretty soon you'll be holding up a sign 36 weeks. So much fun and planning in the weeks ahead with nursery colors, themes, etc. I hope the morning sickness gets under control a bit though so you can enjoy being pregnant without it.