Sunday, September 29, 2013

7 Weeks

Although I think that tomorrow is technically 7 weeks (I am due on a Monday so shouldn't I be counting the weeks by Mondays?) I'll just post about it today so Scout can have tomorrow lol.

Real morning sickness seems to have started this weekend. It is around mid morning. I get really nauseous for just a little while and will throw up if I make myself. I went to a baby shower yesterday morning and was feeling kind of dizzy and a little sick, but was fine as long as I stayed sitting. When I came home was when I was feeling sick, but was able to go to Manhattan and do some shopping. I bought a couple of things for the baby even though it is still early

The fitted Pooh sheet was on sale and the little Pooh and blanket was just really cute. The elephant blanket is made of muslin and will be great for sommer. It was the last one in the store so I just went head and got it. This is the second package of diapers we have gotten. We are trying to stock up early. Primarily I am going to use cloth diapers, but I want disposable ones for when we are out and daycare.

Today I was nauseous at church for the first part, but then felt better and made it through all 3 hours. Haven't had any lightheadedness yet today. Yesterday I didn't have it until later in the day :)

We narrowed down a bunch of names we like. I feel very strongly, though, that it is going to be a girl and I have a very strong impression of what her name should be :) I am not going to say, though.

Nothing else new and exciting.

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betty said...

I agree; keep the name(s) secret. I did too because I didn't want anyone to use my names :)

Good idea to stock up on diapers; its amazing how many they use.