Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened Monday.........

After work on Monday I had an appointment with the gynecologist. As I have mentioned before, my body is not normal (remember the flipped up appendix behind my intestines??) and without giving TMI, there was an issue I have been seeing an ob/gyn for. Anyway, I had a check up and things were looking okay. She asked if I was still trying to get pregnant and I said yes. I mentioned that my period was a few days late, but that it has been coming earlier every month, which happens every so often and then I have a month where it goes back so it is later (again, my body is NOT NORMAL) so I did not know if I was pregnant or just adjusting. She told me that when I get a positive pregnancy test to let her know.

So, going home, I had to pee really bad so I decided that for fun I would go ahead and take a pregnancy test. I have taken them before and use those digital ones that say Pregnant/Not pregnant. I really expected that my period was just adjusting back to its normal schedule and that the thing would say Not pregnant like it always does (I have probably taken about 10 before). So, imagine my surprise when it came out looking like this!!!!

I yelled Oh My God and kept repeating that along with Oh Sh**, Oh Sh**, Oh Sh**! Not that I was upset, but just very shocked!!

TJ was afraid to come to the bathroom so he stayed in the livingroom playing video games!! I showed him the test and he smiled and and hugged me.

Then I called the ob/gyn office that I had just left and scheduled a test for yesterday. I went in and they confirmed it. I made an appointment for a prenatal interview in October that is to just do paperwork and then they schedule my first exam and a sonogram where I can see the baby :)

Yesterday evening we went and bought the books I showed you yesterday. They have been pretty helpful. So far the symptoms I have had are bloating (which I get with PMS so that is why I did not suspect anything because of that), fatigue (I thought it was from being sick with a cold last week) and a higher temperature. I normally run 96 and I have been 98. I was wondering what was up with that! I also noticed after the fact that my nipples are a little more tender (when I press on them. Obviously I don't normally do that so that would not have been a clue, either!!!!). I was not having any nausea until I took a prenatal vitamin last night and now I have been slightly nauseous all day. It's probably a little psychological as well!!! LOL. Another thing they said could happen was having a metallic taste in your mouth and I noticed that today as well.

According to the calculations I followed in the book I am 5 weeks pregnant and due May 19th. I am hoping it will be more like June 4th, my mom's birthday :)

I stopped my Celexa Monday night and have felt a little anxiety issues, but mostly I am too tired to care!!


betty said...

Again congrats!! How exciting!!! LOL though wanting to go longer than your due date; I'm sure by then you might be thinking different, but it would be neat to have the baby on your mom's birthday :)

Lots of fun times ahead for the 3 of you (4 if you count Scout :)


Daleen said...

This is so awesome! You will be a great mom! I had my little girl in March (will update my blog this week) and it is the best thing in the world.

Good luck, and I hope your pregnancy goes very well.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Wow, congratulations! I'm missing a lot, not keeping up with blogs right now. LOL.

I'm not sure about the Celexa and pregnancy, but having spent a few years on that particular medication, I do know proper procedure is to wean off it very slowly, over some weeks. I hope stopping cold turkey won't cause any undue reaction for you!