Sunday, September 8, 2013

Childhood Lists and Week In the Life -- Coming Soon!!

I signed up for the Big Ideas Festival over at Big Picture Classes because it was free. The theme is listing stuff from your childhood.

First of all, in case you do not know what Big Picture Classes are, they are online scrapbooking classes web. Normally the classes have a fee since you are being taught something and the instructors are professionals. I am currently enrolled in the One Little Word class as well as the self paced 31 Things (which is very slow going lol. I also signed up for iScrap, and the class is over, but I have yet to do it!! I have the handouts and instructions, though, and can still view and participate in the message boards.

The Big Ideas Festival is not a class. For a few days BPC instructors show you their take on the childhood listing project. The only fee is if you want to buy the downloadable lists. You can get them in PDF or PNG files and alter them. There are 91 lists in all!! I may eventually buy the files and make a comprehensive book, but for now I wrote down the topics on some of the sample lists shown and will add them to my 30 Days of Lists Smashbook.

There are also daily challenges, but I am skipping those. I have too much on my plate right now lol. Although I guess I could enter my Smashbook pages in the challenge!! As long as I download one of the lists available for the challenge (those are free). But we are having issues with TJ's computer right now, which is hooked up to the printer and in the process of buying a CD reader to attach to my computer so I can run the printer program (and PSE) and print from my computer so it is not an immediate option!! LOL

This week I will also be participating in Ali Edwards' Week In the Life.. This is also free, unless you want to buy some digital files to use in documentation. She has a really good layout to use in digital, but I have yet to experiment with my PSE program!! LOL. Instead I looked at the free downloadable daily sheets (I wanted to download and print them, but those darn computer issues prevented me!!) and typed up my own using those as a guide. I have those ready to go for the week.

I guess I should explain what the project is!! Every year Ali picks a week and for that week you document everything you do daily. You write it down and take pictures. This year's week happens to include my birthday!!! She also does a monthly Day in the Life. I am doing mine in an 8 1/2 by 11 format and will either insert it in my Project Life Album or in a separate album. Depends on how much room I have in my PL album!! It is getting quite full!! And this will take up to 3-4 pages each day!

I am hoping to show you everything I do for these 2 projects as well as my 30 Days of Lists this month. Wish me luck!!

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