Saturday, September 7, 2013

Currently 9-7-13

I have been really remiss in blogging lately and I apologize. I know I have to finish recapping my trip and I have some 5ks to tell you about and some fun stuff we did. Eventually it will get posted!! I also have some creative stuff to post. However, I am battling a cold which could possibly be strep throat (one of the kids had it and I am going to try seeing a doctor on Monday) so not sure how much will get done this week!! but for tonight I have a Currently post

Watching: 4th quarter of K-State game, Vegas Vacation

Reading: Second Honeymoon, Someday Someday Maybe and Inferno

Listening: John Denver

Making: lists for 30 Days of Lists

Feeling: tired, sick

Planning: nothing because I don't feel good

Loving: my cat, my bed, NyQuil

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betty said...

Hope you feel better soon, Robyn. Its got to be hard to work around kids who are sick; its a never ending battle I'm sure!