Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Family Reunion

How about I get back to recapping my trip from July??????

On Saturday we had our family picnic/reunion. This was the whole reason for the trip!! My cousins decided that we needed to revive the old tradition of family picnics to get together for something fun and relaxing rather than funerals and weddings.

They chose to have it at Craig Park in Fullerton because it was a central location and had some great amenities.

Here are some old family pictures displayed on boards....

The top left picture is my grandma and Aunt Aggie in front of St. Bruno's church after my 1st Communion, on the right is my mom, Aunt Lou and me in 2001, below I am in the communion dress with my cousin, Susie who made her confirmation the same day, next to that is me, my mom and dad in our backyard, bottom left is my Aunt Grace in the chair with my Aunt lou on the left and Grandma on the right, picture on right is a Christmas dinner at my Aunt and uncle's house.

I had never seen this picture before and did not remember taking it. Was not even sure where it was, but it is my aunt and uncle's house in Whittier and I am on the bottom far right

My grandma is on the right with her brothers and sisters (and in laws)

Next are some scenes from the picnic in no particular order lol

Before the picnic, however, I stopped at the cemetery to visit my parents

I found it this time with no help from the office!! LOL I knew the section and remembered it was under a tree.


FootPrints said...

i just have to say that when i open your blog and see that header photo, it makes me smile! always!

betty said...

What a great idea to have a reunion picnic like this; enjoyed looking at the pictures. I know my mom's family was huge and they always have reunions but they are back east so we've not been to one, but my sister, who lives in the DC area, goes when she can. Sometimes I see family reunions here at parks and people will be in different colored tee-shirts, I figured that's how they are broken up like sisters, brothers and then children that belong to them (make sense?) so people know who goes with who.

Interesting there was a 14 year difference between your parents.