Monday, September 23, 2013

ManCat Monday With Big Brother Scout

Hey all. I guess you have heard by now that I am going to be a big brother.

At first I thought this meant we were finally getting a dog and I was so excited!!! But Mommy said no.

Then I was worried it meant we were getting another cat and I was afraid it would be a stinky sister but mommy said it wasn't.

Mommy says it is going to be a human baby! I am not too sure what to think about this. I have been around babies before and they are okay. They smell pretty good. They look like they would make good snuggle buddies, but Mommy says no, I will not be allowed to snuggle with the baby. She says I can't sleep in its bed either. That is not fair. I am willing to share my kitty beds!! She says the baby will not be sleeping in my kitty beds. She says that there will be times when I will not be allowed in certain rooms or may have to spend the night in another room. I don't know about that either. She says she will make sure I get plenty of snuggle time with her and she will let me be near the baby and give it loves when she is around.

For now, though, I am taking really good care of Mommy and getting lots of snuggle time in! I am having trouble remembering not to climb on her chest and tummy, but I try not to. She says I will make a very good big brother.

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betty said...

I'm sure you will make a good big brother, but I know you'll get a little touch of jealousy once the wee one gets there. I'm sure mom though will figure out a way to give you extra treats to compensate as you adjust :)