Monday, September 9, 2013

Mancat Monday With Scout in Motion(UPDATED)

Hello Friends, how are you? I am good, but mommy is sick. We hope it is just a cold, but she is going to the vet today to make sure. her nose is stuffy, but on Saturday her throat hurt and then yesterday she had chills and possibly a fever. Plus a sinus headache. I took really good care of her and encouraged naps by example, but she only took a 2 hour one and said her medicine made her wake up every 1/2 hour.

I have some fun pictures for you today. First up are some of when Mommy put me on Daddy's lap. It was pretty comfortable. Mommy told me to hold still, but I like looking around and evading pictures so she has some action shots of my head, even though her camera was supposedly on Blur Reduction. It is no match for my stealthy skills

She also got some of me outside on a comfy chair

I will let you know later how Mommy is doing. We are also supposed to have some guests for dinner tonight and Daddy is going to get chicken!! Yum!

Mommy went to the doctor and she does not have a fever or strep throat or anything bad. Just lots of nasal congestion which is affecting her throat (it was achy on Saturday and now it is scratchy) She can go back to work tomorrow. I took care of her today and supervised a nap. We had missionaries for dinner and they were nice and loved cats. Daddy got us chicken, but I did not feel like having any.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Purrs that your mom feels better soon, Scout. And we hope you get some of that chicken tonight! :-)

betty said...

So glad it was not strep throat, Robyn. Hoping you will feel better soon. Scout, you are just the cutest!! Looks like you are a bit spoiled too :)