Saturday, September 21, 2013

Morning Sicknesss Arsenal

I was doing fine until I started taking pre-natal vitamins and I think they jumpstarted some pregnancy nausea this week. It has only been slight queasiness, but I decided it was time to put together a morning sickness survival kit,

This is what I took to work. I also put a couple crackers and gingersnaps in a small baggie to carry around when we have to go to different classrooms. The teacher I work with has a mini fridge in her classroom so I can put the gingerale in there.

I have been pretty okay this week. Today, however, I am dizzy and may actually lose some of my lunch :( That is, if I ever get around to having some lunch. It has been non stop saltines the last couple hours. I want a salad.

As for some other food issues... I am not having any aversions yet. Been really wanting potatoes (baked, French) and ranch dip (which also made me want carrots which I ate a lot of yesterday!!). When my stomach is feeling pretty good I think I can eat a bigger meal, but usually it makes me end up feeling a little queasy and super bloated :( So I am working on control and eating small meals. I found the best way to drink the gingerale is with a straw and small sips.

Here's to several more months of this fun!!!!

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betty said...

Good idea with the survival kit. Its also good too if it gets too much out of hand the doctors can give you some safe meds to take to help you through this time.