Thursday, September 26, 2013

We Cannot Go There Again

The new season of Criminal Minds started last night. If you have been following this blog this year you know that I have some emotional scarring from the events of last season. I was ready to put that all behind us and enjoy the new season with renewed optimism.

Apparently Criminal Minds is not ready to let go.

During last night's episode there was a discussion about kids between Reid and JJ. I cannot remember what instigated it or what exactly was said, but JJ mentioned something about Reid not understanding and he replied with "you mean because I don't have kids" and then he says......

"I would have...."

Ok, seriously Criminal Minds????????????????????????? Do we have to go there? Can't we just let it go? My pregnant hormones cannot take anymore heartbreak over what happened last season. Let's just get over it already. It's a new season, Give Reid a new storyline. Preferably something that won't rip my heart out. I just can't take it this season.

Especially if the rumor is true that they are going to revisit the Reaper storyline with Hotch. I am not even sure I can handle that again!

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betty said...

Never watched Criminal Minds, but I do remember your angst over last season. Perhaps this might be the season you "sit out" and then get it when it is available on DVD after the baby is born? (will give you something to watch those nights the baby won't sleep :)