Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week In the Life 2013 -- Wednesday to Friday

I am participating in Week In The Life this week. I have very detailed record sheets for each day and will show you those when I am done, but for now I thought I would share the pictures I have been taking each day.


In the morning we had our Freedom Walk. Work was a little challenging and not feeling 100% made me feel less than adequate, but I was patient and that is what makes all the difference. It probably wouldn't have mattered if I was on top of my game, the day would have unfolded the same way, but I would have felt like I tried harder. I celebrate the little victories and accomplishments, though and those happen everyday :)

I got my nails and toes done

That evening I watched a documentary on the History Channel about 9-11. It is video footage from different people and places in the city. Even though it is very difficult to watch, I do very year to remind me that we are still affected by this and why we fight overseas.

Scout hung out with me

I worked on the computer and Scout lied the length of my leg

Pin I wear every 9-11


Only 2 pictures!!

Work was awesome this day. It was one of those days that reminds me why I love what I am doing. I also brought donuts for the 5th grade class so they would sing the special birthday song to me lol.

In the evening I got stuff together for a scrapbook crop. as soon as I took this bag out Scout made himself comfortable in it

I worked on my Project Life album while watching Big Brother


Beautiful sunrise

It was a plan day at work so no kids and we had a 3 hour meeting!! One of the other paras made cupcakes for my birthday and everyone sang. After the meeting I helped the reading teacher prepare some homework slips. Then I went home to eat lunch, watch General hospital and relax before we left for the weekend.

On the way to Topeka


Me acting goofy

This house has zebras!!! Can you see them???

After checking into Best Western we went to my favorite store. I had a birthday coupon.

They had already decorated for Halloween across the street!

Then we went to Hobby Lobby and the Golden Corral (TJ's choice) for dinner

Then we went to Barnes and Noble for an hour them back to the hotel where we relaxed.

I will have Saturday and Sunday's pictures up on Tuesday. Scout will blog tomorrow.


betty said...

Did I miss your birthday, Robyn? Happy belated if I did. How cute that you made cupcakes for your kids; I bet they liked them. That was a pretty sunset! Glad you got to go away for the weekend and do some fun things :)


iowajewel said...

happy, happy birthday! looks like you had a fun celebration!