Sunday, October 27, 2013

10 Weeks, Again

Tuesday is when I will really be at 10 weeks!!

So, I have not had any panic attacks, but I can still feel some anxiety. And depression. But it is not overwhelming. I also have a lot of nausea. Zofran is not really helping (unless it is keeping me from vomiting). I also tried coca cola and I think all it did was make me want caffeine again :( I will be sticking to gingerale and ginger tea. I am also doing some experimenting with Unisom. It is a sleep aid, but is also supposed to help with morning sickness. Well, if I take a whole tablet it works because I sleep through the morning!!! Need to see what a 1/2 tablet does.

I finally decided to get refitted for a bra. I knew I had probably grown. It is hard to tell when you are already big. I was at a 38 DD. I measured this time at a 36, but they were too tight and the reality was 40 was what was comfortable. I think this is because my cup size went up to a G!!!! Yep, I passed DDD and went for a G ! That is the most I have ever been. I was able to get 2 bras on sale for $40 (2 for 40), but they have underwires which I am not too fond of. When I am in Topeka I will check the Dillards there (the only place I buy bras) for the kind without underwires. They did not have my size in Manhattan.

TJ and I are in agreement on a girl's name but he is not sure of the boy's name I want. So it better be a girl!!!!

I am still very tired, even when I do not go to work, so nothing is getting done. Well, I cleaned the bathroom a little, but the rest of the house is a mess. Today I am going to attempt to make a spaghetti dinner. We eat out A LOT and I try to get salads as much as possible to keep healthy.

I have not bought anything more for the baby, yet.


betty said...

I'm hoping you won't be one of those that have nausea your entire pregnancy Robyn and that it subsides a bit the 2nd trimester.


E. Smith said...

Housework is highly overrated! :)