Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Little Better

I have only been back on Celexa one day and already I am feeling somewhat better. I have less anxiety and feel a bit more optimistic in general. I do not feel like I am in a haze either. And NO lightheadedness!!!

However, this is the day that real morning sickness kicked in. I have been feeling nauseous in the evening and sometimes afternoons, but this time it hit in the morning and was pretty bad. I did not actually throw up but I felt like I would pass out 2 times. I lied down on the couch in the classroom for about 10 minutes and after felt much better. It kind of came back later in the afternoon and has moved into this evening.

As a result I am feeling some depression. This is not pregnancy or medication related...I always feel like this when I am extremely nauseous. I don't know why.

Right now I am taking the 10 milligrams, but over the weekend I am going to cut it down to 5. I figure the lower the dosage the lower the risk. At my 2nd trimester when medication is safer to take I will bump it back up if needed.

Thank you for all of the supportive comments on yesterday's posts!!!


betty said...

Glad you could see a bit of an improvement on some things with the Celexa, Robyn. Good idea to cut it to 5 mg for the weekends, maybe you'll find you can get by with that dose on other days too?


FootPrints said...

nausea has to be the worse thing ever! good to hear you're on the mend