Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Week Behind

I had my first exam and ultrasound today and it turns out I was a week ahead of myself on my due date. I am not 10 weeks, but only at 9!!!!!! My new due date is May 27th.

But the baby is healthy and there is only one!!!!

It has a strong heartbeat of 180!!!! I got to hear it :)

I will also get to find out the gender in about 3 weeks. Normally you have to wait for 24 weeks on a sonogram, but because I am over 35 I can get a test called the Panorama Test which checks for susceptibility to Down Syndrome and a couple other things. It can also tell you the gender of the baby!! It is just a blood test and they send it to a lab. It takes 15 business days to come back, so about 3 weeks. It will tell you if you are low risk or high risk and the gender! I tried to do the blood test today, but my veins were not cooperating so I have to go back tomorrow. We are hoping my insurance pays for it, which they should because they cover similar tests in the 2nd trimester.

TJ got to be there today, too, and he was very proud to take one of the pictures to the Harley Shop to show. He will take it to work tomorrow. I showed it to my coworkers and a 5th grade class today.

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betty said...

well you're getting closer to your date of wanting to deliver on your mom's birthday in June

glad to hear everything went well with the ultrasound, great picture of your baby