Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Is it crazy that I have 4 baby registries? Probably, but there is a reason. It is probably crazy that I have already started a registry in the first place, but I have to do something while sitting on the couch resting!! Right now I am just adding essentials, but once we find out the gender I will go back and add some gender specific stuff. And the theme for the nursery. Right now I am thinking if it is a boy it will be animals, most likely a jungle theme and for a girl, bears. Or just girly stuff.

But back to why I have 4 registries.

I started with Babies R Us because they have EVERYTHING!!! Then I thought that people who live locally may not want to make the hour drive to Topeka or go online so I added one for Target. It is only 20 minutes away and they have a lot of stuff, too. Then I decided to add a Walmart since that is right in town and, let's face it, they have cheaper prices. The final one is for Burlington Coat factory and that one was by request. I have a cousin in Florida who manages one there and can get a discount. My aunt said that my family down there can buy the stuff and my cousin can put the order in to the Topeka store here and my husband would just have to pick it up.

All 4 registries have mostly the same things so I need to be diligent about when I receive something or see that something has been bought that I take it off of the other registries!! I will probably be making a few exchanges as well, but that is okay :)

One thing I will not be needing on my registries is this....

Because I won it :)


Kim said...

Yay for Target!

betty said...

Congrats on winning that portable baby suite! I think it will come in handy. I think its great to have a lot of registeries; you'll probably have several showers and its better that people have a choice to be able to go to one place or another to shop (by the way, can you send me via email your registry info; would love to send something to the wee one :)