Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Names and Impressions

One of the first things TJ and I did when we found out I was pregnant was buy a baby name book and go through it. I went through it highlighting names I liked or thought were okay and then he told me which ones out of those he liked. We had about 10 girl names and 20 boys. I went through them again and narrowed it down. Then I played around with middle names I liked.

At some point during this I felt very impressed in my mind on what the girl's name should be. I am not going to say, but it is a Bible name and a popular TV show character of the 90s. It is not the name of anyone I know or a family name. So why this name made such an impression on me I have no idea except for divine inspiration. I am not even sure how the name came to me...if it was a dream or something just came to my mind. It was on the list, though. And it was first and middle name that came.

Friday night I had a dream that I had had my baby, it was a girl, and I was calling her by that name. On Thursday night I dreamt I was holding a baby girl (not sure if it was mine or not lol)

Because of all this I feel very strongly that we are having a girl. I can imagine having a girl as well. I have had a lot of trouble imagining the baby as a boy, though I have tried. I have also not had any name impressions, though I know which one I really like (it is a combo of another TV character and my dad's lol. Actually, the middle name is the name of the actor that played the character!!).

Now, TJ and I both want a girl so it could just be wishful thinking. I have heard other people say they have had strong premonitions of what their babies would be and were right so I am hoping that is the case! Not that I would not love a little boy and be thrilled (they are cheaper too!!). But I really really feel that this baby is a girl.

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betty said...

Cool you got the name sorted out, Robyn. I'm sure it is a great one. And I'm sure soon you'll find out if you are having a girl or not :)