Saturday, October 12, 2013


Today we went to Topeka and looked at Babies R Us and Burlington and it was very overwhelming!!

Let's just say that I am glad I did my Babies R Us registry online. That store has too much stuff!!

I did buy a pregnancy pillow and wedge and some Preggie Pops for morning sickness. I also got a tote for free with some other free stuff in it for setting up a registry :) Also, looking at their bedding and stuff, I am now heavily leaning towards a Pooh theme for the nursery. I am not even particularly a fan of Pooh (he is ok), but their stuff was sooooooooo cute!!! Plus I have a vintage pooh doll and a wall hanging. I also have on the registry a hanging diaper bag for keeping the diapers in that is Pooh (I thought that would be ironic lol!!) So it will probably be pooh. TJ was okay with it, too. He says everyone likes Pooh! Plus, it will go well with my Carebears lol

We also went to Burlington Coat Factory to add some stuff, in particular a crib, which did not make it on there! They were having trouble getting the one we wanted to register lol. That is okay, we can buy one ourselves. My family still has plenty of other stuff to choose from! I let TJ pick out the play mat for the baby and he chose a dino theme. He likes the stroller I have chosen online and the Pooh walker (oh yeah, another Pooh thing!!) and space saver swing. One thing I forgot to add was the Pooh head nightlight lol. Kinda creepy, but funny. It will go nice with the shark humidifier I want from Babies R Us lol. I also found a really cute Mickey and Minnie diaper bag, but it has flowers on it so if it is a boy we may need to rethink that lol.

I also bought my fist maternity clothes at Old Navy. I do not need them yet, but they were on sale. I got a maxi dress and a shirt. I will probably get more stuff from Burlington when I need it because they are cheap, too.

Anyway, after all that shopping I was very tired and very overwhelmed! I thought shopping for baby stuff would be more fun, but right now it is very overwhelming!!!!! I am glad I have done most of it online.


betty said...

You'll also find what you think was something you might want/use might be impractical once the wee one comes along. I know someone (who was not a mother) gave me a beautiful outfit for my daughter but it had (I kid you not) 20 snaps to snap up. It became very impractical to use the outfit since it took forever to snap up those snaps after a diaper change.

I think a Pooh theme is cute and can be for either a girl/boy :)


Fuzzy Tales said...

If you keep the nursery decor (i.e. walls, rug) mostly neutral, you can change themes to your heart's content, as the baby grows. I've seen some awesome nurseries on my favourite design show, all with a neutral backdrop, with the most adorable things added as accessories. (Not sure what your intent is, I'm just tossing this out.)

I'm sure I can't even imagine the choice today, compared with when I was growing up. LOL.

As far as baby clothes--are you okay with second hand clothing? Some people aren't, but I imagine if you are, you'll able to score adorable clothes for very little, given that babies grow so quickly!