Monday, October 21, 2013


This morning I forced myself to go to work. I woke up nauseous and with anxiety, but I took a shower and got dressed and went. When I got there I took one Tylenol PM. I was tired for 3 hours and had to sit a lot (more than normal lol), but I made it through the whole day. At times I was shaky and would feel anxiety, lots of times I was nauseous, but it felt so good to focus on someone and something other than myself. At the end of the day I started to feel anxiety again about going home (since it has been the site of so much anxiety these past 5 days), but once I got here I settled down with the TV and computer and a gingerale and was fine. I am also incredibly tired!!! I want to go out to dinner, but some slight nausea and sleepiness is holding me back!! I may just have to suck it up!.

I am feeling so much more hopeful now. I think that this is really what I needed to start getting better. Of course I am going to keep taking my Celexa and go to counseling, but getting out of the house for an extended period of time and being productive and focusing on others really helped today.

Scout should have a blog post for you later. He was sleeping and then ran off somewhere!!

UPDATED: I would also like to thank those that left comments and words of encouragement. I appreciate them very much.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Good for you for going to work! Absolutely, getting out and focusing on something other than the negative hamster wheel of thoughts is beneficial. At least I think of it as a hamster wheel....just on and on and on, spinning, unable to stop. Too much time alone/at home can feed all those "demons." :-/

betty said...

Glad you went to work today Robyn and were able to "work through it" and find that it helped a bit.