Tuesday, November 19, 2013

13 Weeks

Evertime I think I am moving forward, I get knocked back again. When I thought I was at 10 weeks, I was told I was only at 9. I thought morning sickness was supposed to subside at 13 weeks, but now I am told 16. AND I thought the 2nd trimester and feeling better was supposed to start at 13 weeks, BUT now I find out it is 14 weeks!!!!!

So this week isn't all that special lol. I decided this morning I would tell myself I was not feeling sick and it seemed to work. However, lately it seems like if I get really hungry I start to feel nauseous. So I try to eat throughout the day. I did not have to take a Zofran this morning. I am still not ready to take the Sea Bands off.

I am still battling constipation. Going to the bathroom is not fun. I would give anything for some diarrhea or runs lol. By the time the baby comes I will be an expert at pushing and my legs will be strong. I also pee a lot.

I have gained back the 5 pounds I lost when I had panic attacks, but nothing extra yet. I expect that will come soon enough. I will not be able to feel the baby for several more weeks, but I read that if you prod your stomach the baby squirms!! I may not be able to feel it, but I do feel all the gas in there lol.

That is it for this week.

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betty said...

How "funny" it has changed with when the 2nd trimester is, etc. I remember in the old days it was months being pregnant, now it is weeks and days they do the calculating. I bet it will be exciting when you get to feel the wee one for the first time :)