Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black Friday Prep and Plan 2013

It is that time again!! Just 2 days away!!

The ads came in yesterday's paper, which I bought before work. In the evening I cracked open my first bottle of sparkling cider for the weekend and started going through the ads

All of the ads!!

First round separation. I do not care about the ones on the right lol

Time to read these babies!

2nd round of discards. I found nothing in those

organized and ready to go!!

Okay, so here is the plan. I have decided to stay a Black Friday purist. I will not be going anywhere Thursday evening. So, when do I start?

JCPenney is not giving out their free snowglobes until 4am so I will be starting sometime around then. I may start at Target first to get some $5 games and pajamas or save them for last.

Menards opens at 6am and this is the big one for me. They have A LOT. And in coming years I will be going there for toys!! This year, however, I will be getting some pajama pants, slippers and fleece blankets for Scout!

After that I am heading over to PetCo (or is it Petsmart?) for some 1/2 price cat litter. I am also going to see if Bed Bath and Beyond has any of their down comforters on sale. Then it is across town to Joann's for some fabric.

At some point I may go to Walmart, but it really depends on how crazy it is.

I will have a recap for you on Friday or Saturday!

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betty said...

I love the way you organize and plan this out. Sounds like you have a great plan for Black Friday; hope you get what you are looking for!

Happy Thanksgiving!