Saturday, November 23, 2013

Currently 11-23-13

Watching: Just the usual stuff

Reading: The Christms Train. Now that I have been on one it should make more sense lol. Also trying to catch up on my Book of Mormon reading.

Listening: just the radio. Hoping to find my Christmas CDs this week

Making: Thanksgiving dinner later this week

Feeling: tired, nauseous, and constipated. Still. and COLD!

Planning: To clean the living room and finish up the craft/spareroom. Start putting out some Christmas stuff. Black Friday shopping!! and a temple trip on Saturday.

Loving: That Thanksgiving and Black Friday are this week :)

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Kea said...

Even Canadian retailers get into the "Black Friday" thing now, to rake in as much as possible and try to keep us shopping in our country. I hope you get some great bargains! Our big shopping day is Boxing Day, December 26th. Everything gets marked down by huge amounts, line ups everywhere, it's crazy then.