Thursday, November 7, 2013

No Results and More C Fun!

The labs from my Panorama test to check for chromosomal disease risks and the baby gender came back inconclusive!! There was not enough fetal DNA in my blood at 9 weeks!! So when I go in again next week at 12 weeks they are going to try again. So another 2-3 weeks before I find out what I am having!! Might as well just wait for the ultrasound lol. I have an appointment with a specialist in Topeka on December 2nd since I am over 35. They are supposed to have better equipment and will be looking to see if everything is developing as it should. If they can tell the gender I may skip the blood test. Especially if I have to pay for it. Blue Cross Blue Shield is the WORST insurance and did not even cover all of my regular labs. That was minus the 2 I declined because we already KNEW they were not covered. Once I get Tricare I will rerequest those.

Another fun thing that happened yesterday morning is that I noticed some brown discharge when I went to the bathroom. That means dried blood. Now I have heard that some bleeding is ok in pregnancy, especially if it is brown, which means it already occurred. It could be from things stretching or moving or whatever, but of course it freaked me out! It was not even that much! So I asked about it when I called about my test "results". The nurse asked if I was having cramps like menstrual cramps. I told her no, just some pain in my lower back that was from being constipated. She then asked if I had been straining while constipated and of course I had and she said that is probably what caused the bleeding!! Just another little fun thing constipation brings!! I am just waiting until I get hemorrhoids. Constipation.....the gift that keeps on giving!

let's see how many views I get on this one lol

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betty said...

Just think of the "old days" when people had to wait until the day the baby was born to see what they had. How technology has changed (and for the better too with the testing they can do etc. these days)