Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pre Black Friday Preparations

The Black Friday ads are starting to leak and I am mentally preparing where I want to go and what I want to get.

I must say, I am very disappointed this year that most stores are choosing to open Thursday evening and afternoon. Part of the thrill and excitement of Black Friday for me is getting up in the middle of the night to go shop. It just isn't the same when you are there at 8pm in the evening or 4pm in the afternoon!!!

Luckily, I have found one store that is opening at 6am and that is Joann's!!! I want to get material to make burp cloths and blankets for the baby. I do wish there was something opening at 3am though!

As for the Thursday openings, I may go to Toys R Us at 4pm. It is an hour drive, but they have a baby monitor $100 off! This one is really going to depend on what our dinner plans are. I will keep you posted. If we do that one I may hit some of the stores at 8pm out there, too. If not, I will wait until morning and hit all of them in Manhattan. I can go before I go to Joann's!!

Some other stuff I am looking at getting are $5 games at Target as well as some pajamas and slippers, and a watch and maybe slippers at Penney's. I am also looking for a down comforter, probably at Bed Bath and Beyond and baby stuff anywhere. Oh, and Petco has cat litter 1/2 price!! That's right -- I go for those big ticket items!!!!!!

That is all for now. I am starting to get excited!!

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betty said...

That's great that you are getting excited, Robyn. That must mean that you think you'll have the energy to go out and do some shopping :)

I too wish that the stores would do the Black Friday specials specifically on Black Friday. I really wish they would keep the stores closed on Thanksgiving so people can enjoy being with their families.