Friday, November 29, 2013

The Black Friday That Almost Wasn't

I almost didn't make it this morning! I woke up at 3:30 am and I had a bad headache. I took Tylenol. A little while later my stomach started hurting really bad and then I felt queasy. It was not good.

I had set my alarm for 4am. I got up and had something to eat and took a Zofran. That seemed to work so I finally got dressed and was out the door a little before 5am.

My first stop was Target since it was on the way into town. There was barely anyone there and I was able to get TJ a pair of jeans and us 2 games at $5 each 9the games, not the jeans!).

Next was JCPenneys. I had a few things on my list here, but the only thing I bought were DearFoam Slippers. I almost didn't get them because they were $10 and I knew Menards had cheaper slippers, BUT the DearFoams were originally $26!!!!!! And they are the best brand of slippers. I asked about the free snowglobes and they told me where they were, but were not sure there were any left. I almost missed them, but then I saw the table and there were about 50 left! There was also a good sized line in Penney's, but not to check out. It was to get in the mall!! They were opening at 6am and would not allow anyone in before then. So people were hanging out in warm Penney's. I am not sure what the mal was offering for people to be waiting in line, but I did not stick around to find out.

Then I went over to Walmart and that was not crowded either!!!! I only went for one thing there and almost could not find it, but then I spotted it in a cart of stuff they were restocking. A sound book with a Mickey Mouse toy! I wanted Pooh, but they said they did not get the one with Pooh :( Oh well, Mickey is fine. And just to give you an idea of how not crowded this syore was....there was only ONE checkout line open besides the self checkouts.

Now, by this time I was feeling a little let down by missing all of the store opening excitement and getting to them when barely anyone was still there. It did not feel much like Black Friday.

Then I got to Menards.

Menards did not open until 6am. Their parking lot was nearly full and the line wrapped around a quarter of it. I found a parking space and then walked over to the end of the line, which was almost to the door since the store had opened. Then we moved very slowly inside down the big aisle where a bunch of the bargains were. I got some lounge pants and athletic pants (XL for pregnancy and after) and some fleece blankets for Scout to sit on for $1.44 !!!!! I was going to look for some boots for myself, but did not have the stamina so I made my way up front and checked out.

Then I drove over to PetCo, but they were not open until 7am. I checked Bed Bath and beyond to see if they had any major sales on down comforters, but they did not. So then it was off to Joann's! This was where I spent the most money and waited the longest. I had to wait to get fabric cut. I started out with 3, but while waiting I found other stuff! you get a number so you can keep shopping. Very smart on their part. an express line would have been nice, though.

Then I went back to PetCo, which opened at 7am and got some 1/2 price cat litter and free antlers for Scout. I almost brought home another cat, too!! The guy who checked me out even took my cat litter to the car for me since it was heavy to lift.

I rounded out the morning by going to True Value hardware. I had a coupon for 50% off one item. But I needed 2. I wanted a power strip for outside and small outdoor extension cord. Well, would you believe I found 2 in 1!?!!??!?!? It only has 3 outlets, but that is all I need right now and I can put my Frosty and Santa closer to the door.

I am sorry I do not have any pictures, but just did not feel like it.

So, to summarize.....

Best bargain : DearFoam slippers at JCPenney's

Craziest store : Menards

Most Money spent at: Joann's

Biggest surprise: 2 in 1 power strip/extension cord at True Value


Fuzzy Tales said...

Concats on your bargains! You're ambitious re: shopping. LOL. Canadian retailers have gotten on board with Black Friday in very recent years, but our BIG shopping day still is Boxing Day, December 26th.

However, I did take advantage of the 50% off sale at Northern Reflections to get two pairs of casual dress pants that actually fit, plus a couple of sweaters for work. :-)

betty said...

I think you did great Robyn! I'm surprised there weren't more people out and about at some of the other stores. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!