Tuesday, December 3, 2013

15 Weeks

I am 15 weeks today. Still battling nausea and fatigue and the never ending constipation! I am not really showing yet (just fat) and have not felt the baby moving. I am told that should happen around 18 weeks :)

I went to Topeka yesterday for an appointment with the Fetal Medicine Specialists. I was referred because of my age. First I met with a genetic counselor and she asked some questions about family history and talked about testing that is available to screen for problems. I told her about my 2 failed Panorama tests and she said they do not use them because they have a 15% rate of not detecting enough fetal fraction! They had 2 other options of either Verify or Materni and she said the doctor would talk to me about them and they would also check insurance coverage.

Next was my ultrasound. They have really good equipment and I got to see a lot! The baby was very active! It kept moving around it's arms and legs. I was able to see and hear the heart beat. I also saw it open and close it's mouth. I could see its face.
The doctor looked at everything and said the baby is developing nicely and it does not look like there are any problems (like down syndrome).

I was recommended the Verify test since Tri-Care covers it. I was able to give blood okay. I should have the results by the end of next week. It will also tell me the gender :)

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betty said...

How exciting Robyn! Sounds like it was a good visit with the doctor; glad the baby was active during the ultrasound so you could get a good look at the wee one! I know you're anxious to see if it is a boy or girl :)