Tuesday, December 17, 2013

17 Weeks

The time seems to be flying by, but then again, not so much, lol.

I'm 17 weeks on the 17th!!!!!

I am still pretty much feeling the same. The constipation is easing up though, knock on wood.
However, yesterday my nausea came back in force. Lately I have been able to get by with one Zofran in the morning and then am okay the rest of the day unless I get really hungry and then after eating feel okay, but yesterday I had to take Zofran twice, and I was still feeling very queasy. AND I had my Sea Bands and was drinking ginger tea. I felt like I was back in the 1st Trimester.

Speaking of which, I still have not gotten that energy that was promised to me would come once I entered the 2nd Trimester! I do not think I will ever get it. Of course, as we all know, my body is not normal (remember my flipped up behind my intestine causing pain on the left side appendix??) so I should not expect normal pregnancy things.

I went up another bra size as well!! This is the second time. Glad I bought that extra bigger one lol.

I have a couple new skin tags as well. Need to mention that to the doctor.

I am now training myself to sleep on my side more. I have a little wedge pillow to help. However, when I lie on my left side usually my hip goes numb and/or feels sore. Some one said I may have Bursitis, and another Sciatica. I looked up both and they seem to involve a lot more pain than what I feel lol. Mostly it is just numb and the soreness is minimal and manageable. I will talk to the OB about it at my next appointment.

I still haven't felt the baby. Or maybe I have. I cannot tell if it is gas or baby, but I think at this point it is gas.

The baby hates Arby's. I had that Sunday night and it made me feel sick. I think it was the sauce. Funny, I hated that as a kid, too lol. he loves Coke, though, and cranberry juice and V-8 Splash. And tomato juice! I bought the little cans so I would have some vegetable servings everyday and used to have to drink them down all at once, but now I can sip and enjoy them :)

And that is all for 17 weeks.


betty said...

Almost half way there! And it is going by fast!


Kim said...

I have skin tags too. It comes with gaining weight. Sorry! :(