Tuesday, December 24, 2013

18 Weeks

I am 18 weeks today and according to the books in my 5th month! yay!

Nothing has really changed. I am still tired and somewhat constipated and get queasy almost everyday. On top of it all I have had a cough for over a week. I finally went to the dotor today and it is just drainage. My whole head is congested so I am taking Benadryl and using Vaporub and drinking water. I am just glad it is not Bronchitis, like I thought.

I still haven't felt the baby and have only gained a couple of pounds. TJ and I cannot agree on a name for him lol

That is really all to report for this week.

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betty said...

I think it is okay you can't agree on a name, you do have a few more months to come to an agreement and maybe you'll need to see the wee one before the name comes to both of you!