Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Shenanigans

This day did not start out so great, but I refused to feel sorry for myself (well, except for after my car got stuck and I had a meltdown). Anyway, my cough was not any better this morning so I decided to go to Alpha care. The Mazda got stuck at the end of the driveway, halfway sticking out into the street. I could not figure out how to shovel her out and TJ was at work. After screaming and cussing at the car and crying I remembered AAA could help with this. They came and pulled me out. As I was driving down the road there was a truck just stopped in the middle of the plowed (and I use that term loosely) side. I couldn't go around him because I would get stuck in the unplowed side and he was not budging so I had to back up to my house and wait. I was PISSED.

Finally I got out and went to the Alpha care. Luckily the wait was short and the doctor was really nice. he said it was just drainage and gave me some safe options for treating it. I am feeling better this evening.

After I went to the pharmacy and then to the Harley Shop for last minute gifts then came home and ate lunch. I took a Benadryl and it made me very tired. I finished wrapping presents and played on the computer. Scout began his vigil for Santa Paws

At about 4:30 TJ and I decided to go out to dinner. We were going to go to Coach's, but they were closed. He then chose Cracker Barrel. It was closed. (IHop was open, but we went there last week). We drove downtown and Kites was closed but Bella's was open!! So we went there for a nice Italian dinner. I plan to make that a Christmas Eve or New Year's tradition. I felt like we were in New York :)

After dinner we went lightseeing, but we were limited by most of the roads being unplowed. Still, we got to see some good ones. We stopped for the mail on the way home and there were 2 packages. One was THIS

There was also something for the baby

TJ settled down to play a video game and I lit some candles and lights

Now I am watching Christmas movies and later we will read the nativity story from Luke in the Bible. It has turned into a pretty nice Christmas Eve after all.

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betty said...

Sounds like a nice Christmas Eve. Sorry about your cough though, but glad that it was just something that could be "fixed" without too many strong meds.

Merry Christmas!