Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Letter 2013

I am still waiting on finding out the baby's gender, then need to take a picture to make my cards before I am ready to send them out, but I have my letter done!

Robyn’s Annual Christmas Letter
Get Ready! I……
1. Got Pregnant!!!!!!
2. Took a train trip to California
3. Saw Richard Marx live in concert in the park – FREE!!!!!
4. Saw Weird Al in concert. Not Free.
5. Started watching How I Met Your Mother and Leverage reruns
TJ – still working at Foot Locker, going to be a Dad, loves riding his motorcycle.
Scout – likes to sleep, eat, sleep, go outside, sleep. He is going to be a big brother
The Kardashians – have had a really crazy year!

Very short this year, but to the point lol.

I am in the process of decorating my house. It is so much easier since I have limited everything to a theme. It should be done by Monday and I am hoping to have pictures on Tuesday. Tomorrow I will have pictures of the tree (that has been up for a week).


betty said...

What a cute letter! So how was the Weird Al concert? My son loved him when he was a teen (son a teen, not Weird Al a teen :)

Good for you for getting your tree up and working on your decorations! Glad that you figured out a theme to make it work so you could get the decorating done without getting too tired about it.


Cheri Wildcatwoods said...

Thank you for your kind words of sympathy about our dear Yoko.

Cats of Wildcat Woods