Friday, December 20, 2013

Currently 12-20-13

Watching: White Christmas. AMC keeps showing it

Reading: Nothing. I really haven't felt like reading.

Listening: the radio, my cat cry to go out, then come in 5 minutes later lol

Making: ornaments for coworkers

Feeling: the same. Still coughing. Always tired and even some nausea this week.

Planning: to bake on Monday, last minute Christmas shopiing, sleeping in for the next 2 weeks

Loving: that we are getting lots and lots of snow this weekend!!

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betty said...

That's great you have the next 2 weeks off! Bet you feel the baby sometimes in these next 2 weeks! We have a family of cats that invade our yard sometimes (live right behind us). One of the kittens got on our fence yesterday and for some reason couldn't figure out how to get off of it. It was meowing; felt sorry for it, but wasn't going to send hubby up there to try to rescue it in case it bit him. (I won't say that he may or may not have squirted the hose close to it to scare it away). We have been told the outside cats are really bad with fleas and though it is winter and not flea season, we are always proactive to try to keep fleas at bay since Koda was over run by them last summer.

Have a good weekend!