Friday, December 27, 2013

Do Not Toss a Cat Around a Dog

Scout here with a lesson I learned the hard way last night. Well, we all learned from this.

It snowed a lot last weekend and last night Mommy let me go out without a leash. She knew I would not go far because I hate snow. Well, while I was out, my friend, Kaylee was really worried about me and kept whining. Finally mommy came to get me, but could not find me!! She called for me, but I ignored her. So she told Daddy and he came out to look. I was just around the corner eating some grass that was not covered in snow. He brought me back in and this is where the trouble began.

My daddy likes to toss me. I do not really mind it and most of the time it is fun to fly through the air!! But not this time.

See, my friend, Kaylee, is a dog. And when you toss something in front of her she thinks it is a toy for her to chase and play with. So, once Daddy tossed me, Kaylee came after me!!She chased me into the bedroom thinking it was a game and cornered me. I did not like that and had to start putting the growly and hissy and smacking on her! She still thought I was playing so Mommy had to tell her to go and finally she left the room. It wasn't her fault, she didn't know any better.

It was Daddy's fault. But he did not know she would do that.

Mommy picked me up and held me on the bed and petted me and helped me calm down. Then she went to talk to Kaylee. They both came back in the bedroom and Kaylee tried to apologize, but I was still growly, so Mommy took her out and closed the door to give me some space. They came back a little while later and Kaylee sniffed my butt and it was okay lol. I was able to come out and eat and Kaylee was really nice and did not come near me. She has been really careful ever since.

So, the 2 lessons we learned was
1. Always come when Mommy calls you. You do not want Daddy coming after you lol.
2. Never toss a cat in front of a playful dog!!!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Er...We'll pass on the tossing, in front of a dog or not. LOL. Glad you're okay, Scout, and that you and Kaylee are friends again.

betty said...

What an experience you had Scout! I will remember those lessons you want us to learn to not toss a cat close to a dog.