Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Helping Kanye Not Be So Stupid

Okay, so no doubt most of us have probably heard (or heard about) the stupid stuff that come out of Kanye West's mouth -- comparing himself to a police officer, complaining about his meager Grammy nominations, saying he is the next nelson Mandela (okay, that ONE was completely made up and meant to make fun of him on a humorous website). And then there's the infamous MTV Music Awards show where he stole the microphone from Taylor Swift (although I think she milked that one for all it was worth, but that is another post!). The guy is just an idiot and does not know when to shut up or set some boundaries or actually think about what is coming out of his mouth.

So, I propose that some tech savvy iPhone App creator type person create an app for Kanye West called the Kanye West Filter App (clever name, no?) that can help Kanye stop saying and doing such stupid things. It would be kind of like Siri, but instead of asking it questions, Kanye would say into it what he plans to say or do and then the app tells him if it is a good idea or not. And maybe a reason why. It could also have the option to provide some better alternatives.

Other celebrities that could benefit from this App would be Tom Cruise, Miley Cyrus, and some of those people over at Fox News.

So, does anyone know how to create an app like this? I will split the profits with you 50/50!!
And if any comedy sketch shows like SNL would like to use this as a bit feel free to!!!! I would be honored lol.

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