Monday, December 23, 2013

Mancat Monday with Christmas Awaiting Scout

Guess what friends??????? We got a dog for Christmas!!!!!!!!! Ok, not permanent, but she is staying with us for a week. her name is Kaylee and she is pretty nice. She is big so I am a little afraid of her, but she does not bother me. She is very gentle. She also has a little baby brother so she has been giving me tips.

Mommy has been sick with a bad cough so I have been taking care of her and getting lots of snuggle time. Which is good because I can't go outside has been snowing!!! All my grass is buried and it is way too cold on my delicate paws.

It is just 2 days until Santa Paws comes!!!!! I am asking for a new toy and some more blankets. Kaylee wants a new toy, too. We are going to stay up together to watch for him or take turns sleeping so we do not miss him!!

Here are some silly pictures of me all bundled up

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Now excuse me while I go make a hidey hole to snuggle in :)

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Dog? Dog?! What the heck kind of present is that? We're glad she's only temporary, nice or not. LOL.

Merry Christmas, Scout, to you and your family. We hope you all have a wonderful celebration!