Monday, December 30, 2013

ManCat Monday With Scout's Santa Paws Vigil

Hello Friends, I hope you all had a nice Christmas. Our was pretty good, except Mommy was sick :(. But our friends came over and Kaylee and I got some cool presents.

On Christmas Eve, Kaylee and I had a great plan to see Santa Paws. We decided that we would take turns watching and sleeping and then wake the other up when he came. This worked well for most of the evening...

We would watch the windows or just sit in the livingroom and wait. But Mommy got frustrated and told us SP would NEVER come if we were still awake so she made us go into the bedroom with Daddy to go to sleep.

But we didn't!! So she gave up and let us out. Well, Kaylee went back to the livingroom, but I was tired so I stayed in bed.

Pretty soon Mommy came to bed and this is where the plan unravelled. See, I was laying between Mommy and Daddy and I just love snuggling with Mommy so I decided to stay there instead of taking my turn watching. Kaylee was sleeping in the livingroom so I figured she would hear Santa Paws and wake up.

But she didn't.

In the morning we found our presents under the tree!!

I got a new blanket and a mouse toy in a tin of catnip!!

Kaylee got a toy possum

She LOVED it!! For 10 minutes she carried it around the house making it squeak. Squeaka squeaka squeaka squeaka!!! It was soooooo annoying!!! I just watched.

Then it got quiet and we found this

She killed it!!! LOL. Not really, she just got the stuffing out of it's belly. It as still in one piece. She also got the squeaker out so Mommy threw it away because she was afraid Kaylee would eat it!!

Since then she has chewed every other part of it and there is no stuffing left. It is also missing a nose, an ear and a couple legs. There are possum bits all over the livingroom!!

A little while later we got to open our presents from Mommy and Daddy -- treats!!!

So, we failed in our Santa Paws vigil, but we got some sweet presents!!! What did you get???

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Oy! Kaylee's possum didn't last long. LOL.

You both got great presents, Scout--we're glad you had a good Christmas, even if you couldn't manage to stay awake. :-P