Monday, December 16, 2013

ManCat Monday With Sweater Scout

Hello friends!! by now you have probably heard that I am going to have a little brother!!! I am so excited. He will not have hair like me (although mommy says he does now, in her tummy!)but he will be smaller than me!! I plan to teach him how to use a litter box, clean himself and what the best grass to eat is. Mommy laughed when I told her that, but the kid has to learn from someone, right???

I have some pictures to share of one day when I was sleeping on my blanket mountain (it's still there!) and Mommy set her sweater on it. It was really cozy and I think I look good

What have all you furry guys been up to lately????? Any advice for me on being a big brother?

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Scout, you couldn't possibly be more comfortable. You take blissed out to an entirely new level. :-)

No advice re: being a big brother, as we don't have exposure to little sticky people! We know you'll be an awesome big brother though.