Tuesday, January 28, 2014

23 Weeks

I am at 23 weeks, which means I am in the 6 month!! I always thought this would be the best month of pregnancy because you have the bump, but are not too huge and the baby is kicking. We will see how it goes lol. I still have 2 bumps lol

At last week's Becoming A Mom class they talked about labor and delivery. After that I was ready for a C-Section lol. But I have a plan. I am going to try to go as long as possible without pain medication (which will probably be one hour) by using breathing techniques, walking, a birthing ball (they supply it). hot showers and massage. Then I will get Stadol, which is a narcotic. It doesn't really take away the pain, but makes you not care lol. You can still feel the contractions and get up to go potty and move around. It only works about once, though, so after that it will be an epidural. Once you get that you cannot leave the bed because you can't feel your legs lol. And they give you a catheter for your pee. It is best to get that after you are 4 centimeters dilated because otherwise it might slow down labor. I also want an episiotomy if necessary as opposed to natural tearing since you get a cleaner cut and they numb you first lol.

I also chose my support people (besides TJ) who I want to be there and asked them. Both were very excited and agreed. I am also choosing the music I want to bring. So far it will be Neil Diamond, John Denver and Abba, but I also want some Richard Marx and Randy Travis. I am trying to choose the best CD's of theirs.

This weekend I re-organized my craft room and made space for the guest bed to go in there. I was shocked to discover that that bedroom is smaller than the other!! It is going to be a tight squeeze, but the nursery will have plenty of room!! We probably should have switched them, but it would have been A LOT of work.

As far as how I have been feeling.... Obviously some energy has come back, but not anything great lol. Yesterday I was feeling a lot of aches and pains and moving very slowly. Some days be like that lol. I still take a Zofran everyday so I do not throw up, but sometimes if I cough too hard in the morning before I have taken it it sets off a reflex and I do anyway :(

The baby is still kicking away, especially when I drink cold stuff or yell at the TV lol. I can sometimes feel him from the outside if I touch my bare belly, but TJ has tried and can't :( Scout even tried by laying his lower half on my belly. He(Scout) kept adjusting so much I was sure the baby would pop him!! I think he did kick once and Scout did not notice.

Next week's update will be on Wednesday after I have my ultrasound.

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betty said...

I always look forward to your updates, Robyn. I've never been in labor, but I did get to be in the delivery room of a dear friend and witnessed the birth of her 2nd child. She got the epidural when she was dilated enough; I think it made a world of difference in her level of pain. Honestly, I'm not a fan of pain so anything they would offer me I might be inclined to take :)

looking forward to next week's report after your ultrasound