Sunday, January 26, 2014


In addition to the monumental changes in our own household, we have had a couple of changes in our community just this weekend.

First of all, our local hometown pharmacy decided to merge with the new CVS in town and closed it's doors on Friday. I am NOT happy about this. First of all, I heard this rumor a couple months ago and asked them and they denied it. So they lied. Second, the pharmacy was like 5 minutes away and on my way home from work and CVS is 10 minutes away in the opposite direction. When I went to the local pharmacy I only had to wait about 10 minutes for a prescription to be filled. And if I ever needed it, they delivered. On the bright side, though, most of the employees from the pharmacy will be at CVS so I know the service will still be good.

The other change was with our church. Today our ward officially split. We started at 9am instead of 10am and that was hard. I only made it through half od Sacrament Meeting because I was not feeling well. Neither was our Bishop :( Because of the split our Stake president, one of his counselors and a high council member were present for our meeting and were there this afternoon for the new Branch meeting. They had to call and sustain a new Branch President, which I am waiting to hear who it is. I kind of wanted to go to that meeting, but felt like I would be out of place on this first Sunday. in the ward we still have a full chapel and fill up the overflow area, but we did not have to use the Cultural Hall so that was nice.

Not sure what other changes we will have to face soon lol

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betty said...

Well, in about 4 months, you're going to have a BIG CHANGE in your life, you'll love it, but life will never be the same again after the wee one is born!

Change for me is hard; a lot of times I don't welcome it. It is sad the pharmacy lied to you and weren't forthright with the changes they were anticipating.