Wednesday, January 15, 2014

HOG Christmas Party 2014

Saturday was TJ's motorcycle gang's annual Christmas party. They always have it in January. I did not get as many pictures this time, but it was a really good time.

It was at the same place as last time, but instead of shrimp, this year I had steak lol.

After dinner they had a meeting and they presented last year's officers with a framed certificate

Honey, who is the PR person for City Cyle Sales (she used to be the GM, but retired. She is the "face" of the shop though. A really amazing lady. She is very active in the community and a cancer survivor. TJ calls her "mom") gave the officers gift cards. She said they help bring business to the shop. when she gave TJ his she said he was going to be a dad and was there with his lovely wife :)

I want to take a minute and talk a little about City Cycle Sales. The HOG group is very fortunate to have their support. Not all of them have the support of their local Harley shops (Salina comes to mind). City Cycles gives them a place to hold their meetings, donates prizes for raffles and such and even opens sometimes on Sundays (their normal closed day) for fundraisers (like the MDA ride and the Toy Run). They also give a 10% discount on merchandise to HOG members (you would be surprised at the amount of shops that do not). They are really awesome.

After the meeting we had the gift exchange. We were #6 and I chose a present that had Harley wrapping paper. It was a rock with the Harley logo on it. It got "stolen". Twice (that is the limit!!). TJ then chose a replacement gift and it was a soft purple blanket and a hand knit cap in Harley colors and initials. So awesome!! The exchange was a lot of fun as always.

At the party we also saw this guy

Unfortunately he did not come home with us. TJ did not do anything stupid we could nominate him for lol. Neither did anyone else so the guy that had him has to keep him until next month!!

So, that was our night! I will leave you with a couple pictures of us

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