Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 2014 Goals

I will have my 20 weeks post tomorrow after I go to the OB, but I can tell you I for sure felt the baby today (not gas!). I may have been feeling him for awhile, but thought it was gas. I think it has been both lol.

So, one week into the month and I have not thought about my goals!! I came up with some tonight :) These are in order of need to be done lol

1. Put all Christmas decorations away
2. Rearrange Craft Room to fit in spare bed
3. Have TJ move spare bed into craft room

That's it!!!

Let's revisit December

1. Make cookies I did, but not as many as I wanted and I did not give any away
2. Make ornaments for gifts I did, last minute!!
3. Make 2 pillow covers I made one
4. Make a December daily of my favorite vintage ornaments negative
5. Finish this year's Project Life Nope

Pretty good for being sick for 3 weeks!!

1 comment:

betty said...

yea that you felt the baby!!! Will be interested to hear how your appt goes tomorrow. Again, good goals!