Monday, January 20, 2014

ManCat Monday with The Cat's Meow

Friends!! I got the coolest toy this weekend!! It is a Cat's Meow and my daddy bought it for me!! It wasn't even Christmas or my birthday or my cataversary. He just bought it for me because he loves me.

At first I did not realize you could play with it. I thought it was just for watching. And I checked it out from all angles.

Then I tentatively stuck a paw in

But I much preferred watching it. Then yesterday I went after it and it was so much fun!!!

I cannot wait to share this with my little brother!!!

I also got to have adventures this weekend outside without a leash! I was good and came when Mommy called or shook the treat bag. But this morning I was having too much fun on an adventure and did not come so now I cannot go out without a leash again. But it was totally worth it!!

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Scout, does that toy have a mouse inside that moves? It kinda looks like that one, but we're not sure. It was super-nice of your dad to buy it for you! Would he like to buy something for us too? LOL.

As for going outside off-leash--OMC, wow! What an adventure! We can tell you, Nicki wouldn't come back, even for treats, if he ever got out of our back space (God forbid, our mom says).