Monday, January 27, 2014

ManCat Monday With Disappearing Scout

Hi friends! I did something very naughty on Saturday night, but it was so much fun!! See, Mommy was rearranging her craft room and asked Daddy to bring a shelf in from the garage. She had also left the garage door open when she came back from McDonalds so while she was in the house and daddy was moving the shelf, I snuck out the back door and then out the garage door!! I didn't mean to stay out too long, but Daddy left for bowling and closed the door! No problem. I decided to just go exploring and have some fun. And boy did I!!! I can't tell you, though, because Mommy would not be happy.

When it was time to come in I went to the other back door where I normally go outside. I meowed for Mommy. Well, she was surprised!! She thought she had let me out and forgot! Then she noticed the backdoor was locked and when I came in without a leash she figured it out! Boy was she mad!! But she was glad I came back and knew to come to the backyard door. She would not let me out yesterday morning, but after I took care of her after church(she was not feeling good) she let me out in the afternoon. On a leash.

Here are some pictures of me with pillows. I love pillows, don't you???

See you next week!!!

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Scout, while we applaud your bravery and sense of adventure, it really would be better for your safety--and your mom's peace of mind--if you didn't do that again!