Monday, January 13, 2014

ManCat Monday With Lazing Around Scout

Hello again. How was your weekend? Mine was okay once Mommy came home from being away for DAYS!! But Daddy and his friend brought me what I thought was a new chair for me, buit is for MOMMY (and Daddy) to rock the baby and she said I can only use it of she is rocking me. Um, no thanks!

It has warmed up this past weekend, but last week it was still cold so I hung out by the fireplace

And on the couch with my mouse

And the loveseat

I don't lie around all the time. It is just easier for Mommy to take pictures of me when I do :)

Also, Mommy wanted me to tell you that today is her work anniversary and she has been working at the school for 6 years now!!!

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Fuzzy Tales said...

We think your dad could have brought you a new chair or even cat bed too, Scout.

Concats to your mom on her work anniversary! Our human is impressed your mom seems to want to celebrate it. LOL. (Must mean she likes her work!)